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The Peace Cycle 2013 


Detailed Itinerary for the Peace Cycle in Palestine

Stand Up for Justice - Cycle for Peace!

Join the Peace Cycle to Jerusalem

We believe there is no substitute for personal experience, and that is why we have been organising bike trips to Palestine since 2004. We work with our partner organisation in Palestine to ensure a safe and unforgettable visit to this unique part of the world.

Taking part in the Peace Cycle will give you an exceptional opportunity to see the sights, learn the history, meet the people, and discover the truth about Palestine.

On arrival we will take you by coach to Nazareth in Galilee for the first two nights. From there we will visit some of the unrecognized Arab villages around Haifa and Nazareth and have an opportunity to learn from these villagers about conditions for Israel’s Arab population. We will also meet and hear from groups working for human rights within Israel.

From the Galilee, we will cycle north to south through the Occupied West Bank, meeting groups and individuals working for justice and peace. We will enjoy the incredibly warm welcome of the Palestinian people and learn more about their food, music and culture as we travel by bike through villages and towns, hearing people’s stories and witnessing the reality and effects of the occupation on everyday life.

Joining with a Palestinian cycling group whose creation was inspired by the Peace Cycle, we will cycle along the path of the Separation Barrier – in some places a fence topped by razor wire, in other places a concrete wall 8 meters high - and we will see how the barrier stretches deep inside Palestinian territory, illegally annexing land and stifling the lives of the indigenous people.

And finally, we will arrive in Jerusalem and meet with the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions to learn more about house demolitions and how the separation wall divides families and destroys communities.

For an Information Pack please email: thepeacecycle@aol.com


Past Peace Cycle events have raised a huge amount of awareness and support for a just peace in Israel and Palestine. We have also raised thousands of pounds to help humanitarian projects in Palestine, and hope to raise further donations this year.