"Cycle of Peace"

The amazing story of The Peace Cycle 2004 is available to buy on DVD now!

This feature length film captures the entire hectic and emotional journey from London to Jerusalem. 

….From the torrential thunderstorms in France to the blistering heat of the Jordan valley, we follow the cyclists across 7 countries as they make their epic voyage in the name of peace… 

As the international group of riders gathered in London in August 2004, none of them could imagine what lay ahead. Close bonds of friendship would be formed as they battled the elements and the terrain.  

For over six weeks, through 44 major cities in Europe and the West Bank, we track their progress –  over the daunting Alps,

through the length of Italy,

 across the scorched hills of Greece

and finally… Palestine!

With the cyclists, we witness the full of effects of Israeli army checkpoints and closures, and the new “separation wall” slicing through the heart of Palestinian communities. And we capture the astonishing reception of the local people.