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Nick Pretzlik 1945 - 2004
Nick Pretzlik was the very first cyclist to join The Peace Cycle almost a year ago and he never stopped telling us how much he was looking forward to cycling to Palestine. He has been a constant source of support and encouragement over the last several months, and he was at every event we held, shaking a collection bucket, or selling raffle tickets. Nick spent his life working tirelessly for the people of Palestine, and spent 4 months of every year travelling around the West Bank and Gaza and writing about what he saw and experienced. He and his wife Ursula organised trips for people to go there to help the Palestinian people, and they took in a Palestinian student to live with them so he could study in this country. Nick was one of those rare people - truly good and selfless, always wanting to help others but never seeking anything in return. What he did, he always did quietly and thoughtfully, and his death will be felt as a huge loss to many people. The Peace Cycle will not be the same without him, but we hope to keep alive the spirit of Nick's compassion. The last message we received from Nick was to tell us of his intention, at the end of the ride to Jerusalem, to donate his bike to a child in Palestine. The Peace Cyclists are taking Nick's bike all the way to Palestine and once there, they will donate it to a needy child in memory of Nick.