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Mohammad’s Dream and the Peace Cycle

by Laura Abraham 

Who is Mohammad?

Mohammad Fa’eq is 23 years old and lives with his parents and eight brothers and sisters in the village of Al-tira, just outside Ramallah. Being the eldest son, he feels a huge responsibility towards his family, especially as his father struggles to find reliable employment.  

Great achievements

Mohammad recently completed his studies at Bir Zeit University, majoring in finance and business administration. Despite the ongoing hardships and restrictions caused by the Israeli army in the West Bank, he has studied diligently to pass his exams and achieve good grades, but he has also worked hard for his fellow students. Whilst a student at Bir Zeit, Mohammad worked in the public relations office, and joined the Right2Education group, helping to shed light on the difficulties facing students under occupation. He also helped set up the Arab Youth Community, a new organisation which aims to stand up for the education and employment rights of young Palestinian refugees. And now, like so many young people in Palestine, he is trying desperately to find work so he can help support his family.  

Dreams of cycling

But Mohammad also has a dream. Last year, he sat at the top of a hill and watched the international group of cyclists taking part in the first ever Peace Cycle as they rode up towards the Bir Zeit campus. He was so inspired that he asked to join them, and Mohammad became a Peace Cyclist for the next few days, cycling with the international riders almost all the way to Jerusalem. I say almost all the way, because Mohammad only has West Bank ID and so the Peace Cyclists were forced to leave him at the Bethlehem checkpoint and continue without him. It was heartbreaking for all of us, but especially for Mohammad – to have to stay behind and watch as everyone else rode on to Jerusalem, his capital city – a place to which he is forbidden to go. 

Suffering in Palestine

Since then, Mohammad has dreamt of joining the Peace Cycle again, but this time, he wants to go all the way! On the next Peace Cycle to Palestine in 2006, Mohammad is determined to cycle all the way from London to Jerusalem, and he can achieve his dream - but only with your help. In the UK, thousands of Palestinians are living separated from their homeland, but in relative comfort. They have to suffer the pain of being away from loved ones and of knowing what is happening in their country, but they do not have to suffer the daily misery of those still living under occupation in Palestine. 

How you can help

You are in a unique position of being able to help those back home, and Mohammad is now asking you to help him. The Peace Cycle raises awareness of the suffering caused by Israel’s occupation, and what better way than by a Palestinian who lives under that occupation to come to London and cycle all the way home, just to tell the world his story? If Mohammad takes part in the next Peace Cycle, it will not only help him to feel he is doing something positive for the situation, but it will help publicise the occupation and it’s effects on Palestinian people everywhere. 

Community Campaign

We are today launching a campaign to help Mohammad achieve his dream of cycling home to Palestine. A total of £3,500 is needed to cover all the costs of his participation in the Peace Cycle 2006. We are appealing to the members of the Palestinian community in the UK to adopt this campaign and sponsor Mohammad. You will be able to follow his story all the way from London to Jerusalem!

Please help by sending as much as you can donate to:

The Peace Cycle - “Mohammad’s Dream”, c/o APC, Eden House, 62-68 Eden Street, Kingston-Upon-thames, Surrey, KT1 1EL or go to   Home